Nancy Templeton-Takota
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     I am a self-taught wood artist with formal training as a jeweler. I was frustrated with how “unforgiving” the metal was and decided to return to my first love—wood. For the majority of my 20-year career, I have been focused on creating high-end pieces such as jewelry chests, art boxes, and one-of-a-kind items. I often incorporated the use of different materials such as leather, fabric, and metal to add variation, texture, and interest. Most recently, I have taken that concept of using various materials to create a different approach to my work. Now, I focus on the “recycling” of materials to make banks and pieces with hiding places and secret compartments. These range from using old thrift store books to childhood games as an accent and often the pieces have a “tongue-in-cheek” or social commentary about them. I have not given up my love for creating beautiful woodwork, but now I have added another dimension to an already creative passion.

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